Johnny mars

Dare to Dream Vision


A concept that Unites young people by transcending every kind of boundary, whether it be social, political, racial, or economic.

Dare to Dream Unites all people and societies, in a multicultural and multinational educational society.

Dare to Dream unites our societies in culture, nationality, Music, Arts, Education, etc. producing a Healthier society.
"Any educational program to enhance human development and cultivate a sense of humanity should always include the arts..... The arts should be at the heart of an education that helps us to become more human." — Vincent Harding

"By encouraging interaction and exchange among youth raised in many different cultures, new ways of thinking will evolve that will surely create a new sense of solidarity and unity. As they come to understand one another's growth and development, they will succeed in building a new era." — Daisaku Ikeda

Dare to Dream brings together the hopes, dreams, and works, of our Greatest leaders of Peace, Education ,Culture, Arts, and Economics.

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Johnny Mars

Songwriter, harmonica player and singer Johnny Mars was raised in a sharecropping family. He was given his first harmonica at age nine. His family lived in various places around the South, including North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. When Mars' mother died in 1958, the older family members settled in Florida, while Johnny and his younger brother went to live in New Paltz, N.Y. After he graduated from high school, he played club shows around New York and recorded with his band 'Burning Bush' for Mercury Records.