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Music Through Education

The purpose and inspiration of our project is to use the creativity, often unrealised, of young people to compose an anthem celebrating what is special and what they like about their school. It requires the development of a number of skills for the children to engage in the composition process. Literacy is at the heart of the mission, which draws on their ability to construct cohesive sentences that will develop into lyrics. In addition sessions employ use of rhyme, syllabic understanding, song construction, empathy, sharing ideas, collaboration, team-work plus other life building proficiencies. They are encouraged to improvise either vocally or using whatever musical resources there might be available. The resultant themes are then adapted and refined so that the marriage of music and libretto is achieved. Seeing the growth of self-esteem in children, through their participation in such a relatively short time scale, is inspirational and the driving reason for our desire to expand. Our experience shows that this project works and the end product, which has a life span of many years, can be learnt and enjoyed by the whole school.

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Dare to Dream Lyrics

Dare to dream, aim to achieve
Fulfil life’s biggest dreams
Dare to dream, aim to achieve
It depends on life’s expectancies

Whoever you are, hoping to be
Follow your dream and you’ll be free
Always striving to do our best
And never settle for anything less


Sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair
Whatever the problem, the answer is there
Let’s face the tides that will return
And never retreat from a single one.


Adversity is what we need
To fulfil life’s biggest dreams
To find the things we do best
Then our worst is laid to rest.


As we walk the roads of life with the bonds we have made
Feeling confident of the causes we create
We build a foundation to which we can relate
As we persevere through Life each day of the Year.



If you would like to have an Anthum for your school then please do contact Johnny

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